Amplicon workflows

Pedro Dimitriu, Senior Director of Bioinformatics at Microbiome Insights Inc., provides an overview of generic amplicon workflow and distills the main concepts that underpin the process, as well as an overview of mothur workflow. In the video, Dr. Dimitriu also discusses taxonomic classification, as well as the features and examples of classifiers.

Topics Covered 

  • Topic 1: Generic amplicon workflow. Key steps, processes and main considerations.
  • Topic 2: Mothur workflow. The key differences between mothur workflow, Qiime2 and generic amplicon workflow. Quality control and noise reduction in mothur workflow.
  • Topic 3: Taxonomic classification. Features and examples of classifiers, including the detailed example of Bayesian classifier.
  • Topic 4: New and emerging technologies in microbial profiling.

Disclaimer: Please note: this video was filmed at a live training session at Emory University. We apologize for the occasional difficulty in hearing some of the participants’ questions.


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