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Microbiome Insights' team of experts can travel to your company/institution and offer a microbiome-focused workshop tailored to your needs. We aim to provide the specific resources that enable you to include microbiome analysis in your next study.

Topics include: 
From our team:

"We want to be a resource for researchers who are thinking about including microbiome analysis in their study. Our lab is in a unique position, having analyzed tens of thousands of microbiome samples for different purposes. Not only can we share what yields the most robust data in various situations, but we can also update researchers on the latest bioinformatic approaches, which take into account the microbes' ecological context."

- Dr. Pedro Dimitriu, Senior Director of Bioinformatics at Microbiome Insights


From a workshop participant:

"The speakers were clearly knowledgeable, and in particular the ‘case studies’ section was helpful in outlining the necessary considerations one should make when initiating a microbiome analysis. The program provided helpful detailed technical information which remained accessible to those less experienced in bioinformatics-led investigations.”

- Steve Pittard, Senior Technical Project Manager at Emory’s Rollins School of Public Health